About us

PcVue Solutions Ltd is a wholly owned branch of ARC Informatique and has been established in the UK for over 15 years. We distribute and support ARC's PcVue Solutions product range and BradCommunications (Applicom, SST and DirectLink) industrial communications solutions.

ARC Informatique is at the forefront of HMI/SCADA software development in Europe. Our vision is to understand, meet and exceed customer and market expectations whilst utilising the latest technology. We execute all aspects of our business in line with conservation legislation and manufacturing best practice. Our solutions embody quality customer support and ensure ease of use for integrators and maximum availability of key data and operational plant.

Our aims are clear. We adopt new, efficient technology and build it into our software. The solutions we propose help to reduce customers' costs and make their plants more productive. To protect our customers’ investments in their applications we make the new versions of our products backward compatible. We constantly apply industry standards and train our engineers in the latest technologies. This keeps our expertise second to none.

Our entire staff acts upon the needs expressed by our clients, prospective clients and business partners. We pride ourselves on our availability, independent outlook, spirit of service and precision in striving for total customer satisfaction.This quality approach led to our gaining ISO 9001-2008 certification for development and marketing of software packages, technical help, training & support and vertical solutions including 3rd party software, hardware and peripherals.

Contact details

PcVue Solutions Ltd
Regal Chambers
49/51 Bancroft
Hitchin, Herts.
SG5 1LL. England
+44 (0) 14 62 45 77 00

ARC Informatique
2 avenue de la Cristallerie
92310 Sevres. France
+ 33 1 41 14 36 00