Brad Communications

The BradCommunication product range, from Molex, includes the Applicom, DirectLink and SST brands - and is designed and built industrial-tough to ensure the flexibility, interoperability and rock-solid performance of your industrial network applications.

At PcVue Solutions, we know a thing or two about industrial communication. We introduced the Applicom range into the UK over a decade ago and have been distributing and supporting it, and its siblings DirectLink and SST, ever since.

Industrial network interface cards

Solutions for both SCADA and PC control applications!

Brad network cards come in a variety of formats including PCI Express, PCI, ISA, PC/104, PCMCIA, Compact PCI, and VME and support most of the common industrial networks and protocols including Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet and legacy serial networks such as Modbus.

Brad Network Interface Cards are available in two ranges.

PLC backplane modules

Brad SST Backplane Modules connect the Rockwell range of PLCs to industrial networks and I/O devices. These network modules make your PLC more versatile by enabling it to communicate with other networks. The single slot modules plug straight into your PLC chassis and include features including on-board flash memory for auto-booting, direct I/O mapping in the PLC memory and firmware upgrade.

Want to know more?
PcVue Devicenet selection guide
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Ethernet selection guide
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Profibus selection guide
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Brad automation catalogue (Very big - 90MB)
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